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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for submitting requests?

There are currently three different options for submitting a request:

  1. Book at this hotel: Selects only this hotel and will display real-time pricing for the hotel in the event summary screen before the request is submitted.
  2. Submit request at this hotel: Selects the hotel without the option to display final pricing and will submit the request to get a more personalized response.
  3. Add to my hotel list: Adds the hotel to a list of hotels that can be used to request pricing or to compare. Once one or more hotels are added to the hotel list, you can submit a request by clicking the ‘Request pricing’ button within the hotel list section.

What is the difference between a booking and a request?

A booking will display pricing in the event summary screen for the entire event including meeting rooms and guest rooms. If the pricing is accepted and the booking is submitted, the hotel will receive the request and will respond to you with any additional information or pricing, and a more individualized food and beverage pricing breakdown.

A request will simply gather all of the information that you have entered and send it to the hotel or multiple hotels for them to respond to you directly. They can give you more detailed and individual pricing for your request.

What happens to my request when it is submitted?

In either case (a booking or a request submission) the hotel will receive the request, check to ensure that your space requirements have been met, and confirm or detail out the actual pricing. The hotel will compile this information and reply to you within 2 hours. If you are interested in confirming your booking, the hotel will issue a contract for you to sign and submit.

What if I have any issues?

If you need help submitting or planning your event, feel free to call or email the Hyatt Worldwide Sales Office:

Phone: 1-800-543-1818

I would like to submit a request document, how do I go about this?

If you have an existing request specification in a document format, you can submit this from the final page of the RFP. First, search for and select any of the hotels that you are interested in. Next, go through the request process and fill out any information that you would like to provide. At any point you may skip all of these by clicking the ‘Have these hotels contact me’ link. From the contact information page, upload a document and submit the request. The hotels will then respond to you based upon your existing specifications.

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